From 256 to 147 pounds at Age 60

Doing This 10-Second “Super Tea Tweak” & Changed Everything For Me…

Written by Iris Campbell on Feb. 25th 2022

I could never imagine how one small tweak to my Tea could change my life like this.

Up to then, all I knew was failed diets, useless advice from doctors, and feeling hopeless and depressed.

So it was amazing to see the numbers on my scale melt away after starting this simple 10 Second Tea Tweak.

Look, I get it… that sounds “way too good to be true”.

…and I wouldn’t believe it myself if I didn’t see the difference in my own mirror.


Personally, I’m not a runner, I’m not a hardcore dieter, I’m not a fan of intense workouts…and I have no problem with those if they work well for you!

Heck, I’ve tried them and made SOME progress…but it never lasted and always seemed to fail.

These days? I’d much rather use this simple tea tweak.

You see, the tea tweak showed me that weight gain has nothing to do with:
How much intense exercising or cardio you do…
How many fad diets you go on, cutting out your favorite foods…
Or how much sugar or carbs you eat…
It turns out these are are all the lies the fitness industry use to lock you in the never ending weight gain cycle.
You then start to blame yourself when nothing works.
The video below about this 10-second tea tweak finally opened my eyes and changed my life…

Ok. The thing is, I’m also not someone who picks up new habits easily. Five minutes is enough to throw me off my game.

Which is why I love this tea tweak – 10 seconds and you’re back to your regularly scheduled programming. Even my short attention span could handle the new routine…
Not to mention that after implementing the simple tea tweak:
My cravings suddenly disappeared…
I remained energized throughout the day, without any crashes…
Started eating all my favorite foods with no guilt…
Stopped obsessing over what the scales said and my clothes got looser…
See, I knew getting and staying healthy was mostly a choice, I just didn’t know how easy it could be.
In fact, my friends and family are seeing the same amazing results – after all, I love sharing my story with everyone I know. 
And it would be unjust to leave you without saying I’m feeling younger than ever!
Discover the same life-changing 10-second tea tweak by watching the video below
[Click on Image to Open Video]

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